Keep Up the Good Work!

It is very true whatever you give it will return back to you. If you do good something better will come to you. If anyone does bad something worst will attack back irrespective of his/her wish.

My Experience

I always separate the waste generated in my home. Then once a week make a trip to the Recycling Centre to dump it according to the categories available there.

On Sunday, we visited the recycling centre. I got out of the car and first took a pile of 20190505_212617.jpgnewspapers to put it in the paper container. I opened the lid of the container. It was overflowing, maybe because of the weekend. But to my surprise, I saw a few books in good condition thrown in the bin. A book by Barbra and Allen Pease caught my attention. Without wasting a second, I kept the pile of papers down and took the book out of the bin.

I flipped through it and noticed that it was almost a new book.  Before pushing my pile of papers in I kept the book aside.

When I went back to the car, I showed…

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