A week in office after lockdown

Let me first thank you all for your overwhelming response to my previous blog. Now it is almost a week, I have resumed office after a long lockdown break. As I said, it was a challenging and a dare decision to make and I am experiencing the same every day. Why??… reasons are very simple… […]

A week in office after lockdown

Yes whatever you said is correct. As we say in marathi व्यक्ती तितक्या प्रकृती. The best thing in this situation to be SELFISH …true, but I would say it’s not selfish…we will save many people close to us by being selfish so it should be जनहितार्थ. we can control our behaviour, we can’t control other’s. So it’s better to prevent ourselves from novel corona and thinking and irresponsible behaviour of people around us.

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